Pirates vs. Ninjas Links

Pirates vs. Ninjas movies:


  • Ninjas vs. Pirates

  • Pirates vs. Ninjas (the file is about 3/4 of the way down the page)

  • Pirates Vs. Ninjas -Perplexcity Competition (the competition is now closed, but the movie remains)

  • The Booty Ye Deserve (a cartoon)

  • Ninja Pirate, rocking your boat

  • The Dread Pirate Ninja

  • Pirates vs. Ninjas songs:

  • PvN by Raptors Away!

  • The Ninja-Pirate Song by Munglai

  • Pirate Ninja by Beeblo

  • Pirates vs. Ninjas games:

  • Ninja Loves Pirate: a video game set in the world of pirates and ninjas, with a free downloadable demo

  • The Game of Assassins and Piracy: rules for a live-action game

  • a forum-based online role-playing game

  • PvN : a super low-end game of Pirates vs. Ninjas

  • Pirate or Ninja games:

    Blast all of the enemy boats into Davy Jones' Locker Use your sword to defeat enemies and find the lost scrolls The Princess has been kidnapped, defeat the evil minions to save her! Join a crew of friendly pirates in this massive multiplayer game.

    Pirates vs. Ninjas miscellany:

  • Ask a Ninja

  • Ax a Pirate: the other side of Ask a Ninja.

  • Pirate pride, ninja nay-saying, an article in The Stanford Daily about Ninja Respect Month and Pirate Pride Week. Curiously, Pirate Pride Week has historically been the second week of July, whereas Ninja Respect Month is August.

  • Return of Ninjas v. Pirates, a follow-up article in The Stanford Daily about "Pirate pride, ninja nay-saying".

  • Real Ultimate, not specifically about PvN, but a site that brought ninjas to everyone's attention again

  • Encyclopedia Dramatica, a site hating on Pirates vs. Ninjas

  • Uncyclopedia, a site that pretends Pirates vs. Ninjas is more than just fun

  • Pirates vs. Ninjas Day: February 3rd

  • Day of the Ninja: December 5

  •, a simple voting site

  • For those of you contemplating some of the subtler elements of the PvN debate, there is Laura's Journal. Don't miss her link to even more thought-provoking PvN matters at the bottom of her page.

  • Pirate's Dinner Adventure in Buena Park, California and Orlando, Florida. We recommend the beef.

  • Shakespearean Insulter generates insults as the merry old English used to do. We include it because it contrasts nicely with the foul language insults of pirates

  • Pirates vs. Ninjas dance off

  • Impact Theater Ninja-Pirates, an acting troupe in Berkeley, California who perform out of La Val's pizza place. (Secret PvN Fact: The Captain prefers Fat Slice over La Val's)

  • Pirate v Ninja, a site dedicated to ending/perpetuating the debate over PvN. You are encouraged to vote early... vote often... and tell them why you think you are right.

  • Make and use your own ninja gear:

  • How to make a ninja mask from a shirt - um, does this guy really think he's a ninja with a name like Vern?

  • How to make a four-pointed ninja star

  • How to make an eight-pointed ninja star

  • How to throw a shuriken, as told at one website and another.

  • How to make ninja poisons, blowguns, explosives, and more WARNING: this link leads to a site containing VERY dangerous content. Please do not manufacture anything you may read about there. If you're foolish enough to make any of these things, please do not use them.

  • How Ninja Work at

  • Ninja cartoons and comics on the web:

  • Ask a Ninja Ask a question and he might just answer you. Worth special attention is his commentary about Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, found here.

  • Ninjai: The Little Ninja

  • Ninja Massage Therapist

  • Dr. McNinja It's got the Hamburglar. It's got Paul Bunyan. It's got Velociraptors. And, of course, it features the epic struggle: PIRATES VERSUS DOC—I mean, NINJAS!

  • Have your phrase written by the hand of a ninja at Ninja Text

  • Watch a ninja totally flip out on Jeopardy contestants in Ninja Jeopardy

  • Web comic Diesel Sweeties has taken on the subject twice: Swashbuckling Under the Pressure, and Stop Me If You've Heard This One

  • Pirate festivals in the United States:


    Gasparilla Pirate Fest in Tampa, Florida


    Wicked Faire in Edison, New Jersey - their 2007 theme is Pirates vs. Ninjas!


    North Carolina Blackbeard Festival in Morehead City, North Carolina

    Contraband Days in Lake Charles, Louisiana

    Queen Bess and Pyrates Renaissance Fair (link is a pdf file) in Bakersfield, California

    Cap'n Nick's Newport Pirate Walk in Newport, Rhode Island


    Hampton Blackbeard Festival in Hampton, North Carolina

    Port Washington Pirate Festival in Port Washington, Wisconsin

    Rusty Scupper's Pirate Daze in Westport, Washington

    Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

    A Golden Age Pyrate Festival in Corona, California


    Tall Ships Festival in Dana Point, California

    Ojai Renaissance and Pirate Faire in Ojai, California


    Florida Pirate Festival in Clearwater, Florida

    Pirates in Paradise Festival in Key West, Florida

    International Talk Like a Pirate Day

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