Pirates vs. Ninjas Events

It has been brought to the attention of High Adventure Design that many people enjoy the idea of a day celebrating pirates and ninjas but they don’t know exactly how to celebrate. If you’re one of these people scratching your head over what a pirates vs. ninjas event might look like we have the answer.

First things first: Cosplay is the rule of the day! Cosplay simply means “costume play” and any day that celebrates pirates or ninjas also celebrates their costumes. Heck, it’s probably prudent to keep a ninja suit under the bed and a pirate costume hanging in the back yard all year long just in case you need to quickly don one.

The traditional event is the Mock Battle. Participants dress as pirates or ninjas, and then gather on a field to do fake battle in front of delighted onlookers. Cries of “Arr!” and “Kiyai!” are staples that help to draw the crowd and evoke smiles. Fake weapons swing left and right as combatants slowly dwindle in numbers. Ninjas leap off of any raised surface they can so as to exhibit their ability to strike from anywhere. Pirates lift bottles to their lips to shake off the effects of a chop to the neck. The whole battle royale should be about cliché and fun. When one side has been fully defeated or routed, then the victors give their war whoops of victory and retire to a den to watch the video footage.

The Mock Battle takes coordination and forethought. We’ll admit that it can be a challenge to make happen. Plus, it’s not an event for everyone. Some people are inhibited. Some people are too lumpy for a ninja suit. Some people just prefer to scoff than enjoy life. To that end, we have researched a longer list of events that should be considered for your pirates and ninjas events:
  • Art Exhibit – showcasing artwork depicting pirates and ninjas, but also created by pirates and ninjas

  • Awareness Events – otherwise known as soapboxing or lecturing; find a place on a local college campus or busy train station and start talking about the issue, making sure to involve people in the crowd; reserve a room in a local library and invite local authorities to discuss pirates and ninjas

  • Barbeque – host a public barbeque serving up “boucan” just like the original buccaneers made

  • Book Signings – there are heaps of books about ninjas and pirates so try to contact an author or two and have them sign copies of their latest work

  • Card Crafting – take some pictures of you and your friends performing some crazy pirate and/or ninja antics, and then put them in cards which you will deliver on the day you’re celebrating. If you’re working the ninja theme, then it’s a must that you deliver the cards while exercising stealth.

  • Conference – much like an Awareness Events but on a larger scale, the Conference involves gather a panel of speakers in a lecture hall who work to educate people about the history and current state of piracy and ninjutsu and how they overlap

  • Costume Contest – pirate and ninja costumes are really easy to make and wear but really hard to make and wear well, therefore judge people based upon their appearances by hosting a costume contest; make sure to offer a variety of prizes including Most Authentic, Most Lavish, and Most Bloodthirsty

  • Demonstration of Skills – contact a local ninjutsu school to hold a public demonstration of their ninja arts

  • Drinking Contest – discover who can hold their liquor by offering contests using sake, rum, and bumboo shots. Just remember: don’t drink and stealth.

  • Film Festival – rent some pirate and ninja movies and invite over a bunch of pals

  • Food Drive – dress as pirates and ninjas and stand at the entrance to a local supermarket asking for donations for a local food bank or shelter

  • Live Action Roleplaying – ah yes, the penultimate in geeky events; we highly encourage people to run and play in live action roleplaying events either pitting pirates against ninjas or having them cooperate to accomplish a task. In lieu of live action, play a little Feng Shui RPG, Legends of the Five Rings RPG, or Skull & Bones RPG, or a wonderful hybrid using GURPS.

  • Luncheon – sit down for a meal of Japanese and Caribbean cuisines served with sake or grog for effect. Alternatively, if you’re a purist, chow down on actual pirate cuisine of hard tack or ships biscuits while also noshing on some sushi. Make sure to wear costumes!

  • Musical Performances – find a venue to host groups of sea shanty singers as well as traditional Japanese music played on the shamisen, shakuhachi, and/or the koto.

  • Parades – use this event to lead to a Mock Battle or Costume Contest by having costumed revelers travel down a public thoroughfare as a group, evoking cheers and wonderment from the general public. The Parade works best if the participants act in character.

  • Parties – ‘nuff said.

  • Poetry slam – gather the local talent and challenge them with reciting verses based upon pirates and ninjas, making sure to cheer them on with cries of “Yarr!” and “Bonzai!”

  • Radio interviews – if you can discuss pirates and ninjas over any entertainment or news medium then do so. College radio stations and local television news both like peculiar stories of people acting peculiarly and we certainly encourage that type of behavior when it relates to pirates vs. ninjas, so try to get their attention and get heard.

  • Religious services – host a mock religious service with the Catholic priest possibly getting heaved into the briny deep by furious pirates or educate yourselves in the ways of Buddhism and try your hand at a group meditation

  • Speed dating – our favorite idea on the list! Men and women dress as pirates and ninjas, and then gather for an hour or two of speed dating using questions based around the theme.

  • Training – find a local ninjutsu or fencing instructor and have them publicly teach a large class of novices for an hour

  • Vendor Booths – as your pirates and ninjas events grow you should be able to attract merchandise or service vendors to set up tables proffering their wares, especially if you’re able to draw a crowd of any size

  • Walks – host s 5k or 10k walkathon with a pirates and ninjas theme and benefiting some local charity. Get the walkers to dress in costume and you might be able to tie this event in with a Parade and Costume Contest. If you’re near the waterfront, you’ll want to set the walk’s course along that route.

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