Pirates vs. Ninja Sideboard

Since has gone live on the Internet, we've been made aware of many third participants in the pirates vs. ninjas debate. Despite our inclinations, we've decided that rather than beat the hordes into embracing the true, core conflict of pirates versus ninjas we would instead embrace the list of third participants as part of the larger entity that is pirates vs. ninjas. We shall call the list of third participants a "sideboard" because they can be substituted in and out of the argument as needed and because they all replace each other rather well.

If fought ,
who would win?

Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Cowboys
The first that we heard about this was at There the author of the web comic expains that his high school buddies came up with the game of pirates vs. ninjas vs. cowboys. We here at High Adventure Design find this game to be a quality substitute for Rock-Paper-Scissors whenever a decision is needed, and we've adopted the practice. We give a rousing HUZZAH! to Garth Cameron Graham for sharing this on the Internet.

Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Robots
At our booth at Gen Con So Cal 2005, we had a few persons approach us and mention that robots needed to be included into the debate. Suspiciously, they all seemed rather convinced that robots would have the upperhand.

Less than a week after the convention, we received an email from "The Collective." The Collective is an improvisation group at the University of Washington. Every spring, they enter the quad and simulate how a battle between pirates, ninjas, and robots would look. They even sent us pictures as proof. We witnessed many robots laying on the ground in the photos.

We have also received an email from a man in New Zealand who is working on projects involving warfare between ninjas and robots, but that also include pirates in a tangential manner.

It would seem that the entire Pacific Rim is bristling with people puzzling out an answer to the dilemma of who would win between pirates, ninjas, and robots. We wish them all good fortune. Although, we still think they have one too many participants in their feuds.

Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Puppies
At our Gen Con So Cal 2005 booth, we had one vote for puppies to win the poll. We also had one or two people mention them to us. Being long time 2nd rate nerds, we immediately understood the meaning of this. Puppies occassionally get entered into the debate because they're so cute no one could possible harm one, thus they are natural winners.

Pirates vs. Ninjas vs. Ghosts
Curiously enough, High Adventure Design has received an email arguing that Ghosts make the perfect third participant in the Pirates vs. Ninjas debate. The argument is based upon the assumption that ninjas automatically beat pirates and it looks a little like this: ninjas > pirates > ghosts > ninjas... repeat. In the words of Scott, who emailed us, "A Pirate can battle and win against a ghost! For one reason or another, pirates have the innate ability to fight and conquer ghosts! Think Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl. Plus you usually hear one story or another about pirates fighting off ghost ships and battling phantoms and animated skeletons." As much as we like the conclusion that pirates could defeat ghosts, we here at HAD don't necessarily agree that it's an autowin for ninjas beating pirates.

On a slight tangent, during Gen Con So Cal 2005 we had people suggest the same argument using zombies. That is, they would reason with us that ninjas > pirates > zombies > ninjas. Somehow it is out there that pirates can defeat zombies with relative skill and ease, whereas a ninja would be somehow stymied.

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